Fort Myers Pawn Shop
Fort Myers Pawn Shop
Fort Myers Pawn Shop
Fort Myers Pawn Shop
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Get Cash When You Need It The Most

Visit our convenient, and safe location for an instant cash loan


Everyone is in need of cash at one time or another.

Fort Myers Pawn ShopAccidents happen!

Unexpected car repairs, Godzilla sized speeding ticket, or one of the many unpredictable challenges that life presents us, Fort Myers American Pawn is here to help in your time of need.

Our friendly staff are always ready to give you a fair price on your items. Come in today or get an estimated online quote right now!

American Pawn Make Cash Loans Simple!

Fort Myers Pawn Shop
Come shop our gently used items!

Fire Arms


Video Games

Cell Phones

Rare Coins


Lawn & Garden


Exercise Equipment

Power Tools

Designer Handbags




Lots for Sale


North Fort Myers Pawn Shop - Cash Loans & Discount Items!

American Pawn loves our customers. We are well known for extending loans and granting extensions. The law requires us to post the below information:

When considering a loan it is important to understand maturity dates (when your loan is due) and default dates (when a shop can sell your pawned item). Many loans are for 30 days and include a monthly fee. After the 30 days, a pawner must pay what is owed or ask to pay another monthly fee.

Pawn shops are not required to grant extensions, but must hold an item for at least 60 days. The default date comes into play when that time passes without payment, allowing the broker to legally put the item up for sale.

American Pawn - North Fort Myers Pawn Shop

14930 N. Cleveland Ave : N. Fort Myers, FL 33903 : (239) 656-3409
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 6:00 and Saturday 9:00 - 4:00

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